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24By7Live Managed Cloud Backup

24By7Live provides managed Cloud Backup services. As authorized Cloud Practitioners we can help you with the best off site backup available for small businesses. Our platform is more reliable, more secure and managed better than any other Cloud Backup solution and is available to small businesses everywhere. 

Cloud Backup Solutions for small businesses


Data Backup Solutions

Your data is your businesses life blood. Most small business have neither the time or resources to deal with the mundane, but hugely important task of data backup. Move your backup to the Cloud. 24By7Live are professionals in the business of data backup. Need to know your backup is good? We send you reports on a regular basis.


Managed Backup

24By7Live manages your Cloud Backup. Our concierge service helps you determine what the best backup plan is for your business. From identifying your most important data, planning a backup schedule to defining a retention period.

We monitor your Cloud backup 24By7 for performance and health and are alerted for any anomalies. We test restore your data on a regular basis to ensure recoverability. 24By7Live takes your backup to another level. Call us today and we can help you feel more secure about your data backup.

Managed CloudBackup Solutions
Secure Cloud Backup


Secure Backup

Your data is secure with 24By7Live. Encrypted in transit and then again at rest in the AWS data storage center. We replicate to a least one other AWS data center for redundancy. Your backup cannot be accessed without our multifactor authentication system. Need more details on security? Just contact us for details.


Archiving Solutions

Why store your old data on CD's that can be damaged over time, or on hard drives or USB drives that can fail or can't be located. Do you have old data that needs to be kept but is taking up space on your Server or computer. Maybe you have data compliance regulations that need to be followed. 

Archiving to the Cloud can solve all these issues with inexpensive solutions.

24By7Live Cloud Archive
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